We humans like to categorize things. Then we think that there is something true about the way we have categorized them. Living things fall into x number of kingdoms, each kingdom having a certain number of phyla, etc. Parts of teachers' lessons can be categorized into x number of stages. Movies fall into x number of genres.

In fact, these are arbitrary groupings. They have meaning in certain contexts, but they are not "true." We are constantly debating and revising the kingdoms, phyla, classes, etc. into which we place living things. Teaching is a natural process, and a master teacher's lessons don't divide consistently into categories like "anticipatory set" or "guided practice." Those are arbitrary divisions that we impose on the teaching process. We should keep that in mind when we make statements like this from "The perfect lesson plan includes 8 parts." Just look at the "comedy" section of NetFlix and you will find yourself asking "How is that a comedy?" The answer is that the movie is real, the category is not. My wife categorizes just about every movie we see as a "love story."

That's a long explanation of why this section is necessary. What I have to share with you is real, but how I have divided it into categories is arbitrary. Here is the stuff that doesn't neatly fit into any of the categories.

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The Energy of Students

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My Mentors

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Why Not Teach This to Teachers?

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Which Technology?

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Jekyll and Hyde

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